Photographs of the hemipenis of H. sauteri (SYS r000323, Mt. Jinggang, Jiangxi Province, China), photos from left to right showing sulcate, asulcate, and apical sides of the hemipenis. Photographs by Jun-Jie Huang.

  Part of: Li M-L, Ren J-L, Huang J-J, Lyu Z-T, Qi S, Jiang K, Wang Y-Y, Li J-T (2022) On the validity of Hebius sauteri maximus (Malnate, 1962) (Squamata, Natricidae), with the redescription of H. maximus comb. nov. and H. sauteri (Boulenger, 1909). Herpetozoa 35: 265-282.