Dorsal (left), lateral (middle) and ventral (right) of the head comparisons between Hebius sauteri and Hebius maximus comb. nov. Row D photographed by Kai Wang, others were photographed by Jun-Jie Huang. A–C. Hebius maximus comb. nov. (A. CIB 118635, Mt. Laojun, Pingshan County, Sichuan, China; B. CIB 8482, Bijie City, Guizhou, China; C. CIB 8458, Yingjing County, Sichuan, China) D–F. H. sauteri (CAS 18984, Pingtung County, Taiwan, China; CIB 118516, Yinpingshan, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China; CIB 118517, Daiyun, Dehua County, Fujian, China).

  Part of: Li M-L, Ren J-L, Huang J-J, Lyu Z-T, Qi S, Jiang K, Wang Y-Y, Li J-T (2022) On the validity of Hebius sauteri maximus (Malnate, 1962) (Squamata, Natricidae), with the redescription of H. maximus comb. nov. and H. sauteri (Boulenger, 1909). Herpetozoa 35: 265-282.