Chinese specimens of Amolops putaoensis in preservative A, B: Dorsal and ventral views of nine specimens. (A. KIZ 035035–035039; B. KIZ 035040–035043); C–H: Ventral hand, ventral foot with webbing, lateral side of head, a pair of external subgular vocal sacs, a pair of short oblique vomerine teeth, and heart-shape notched tongue. Photo credit: Yin-Peng Zhang.

  Part of: Zhang Y-P, Liu X-L, Stuart BL, Wu D-Y, Wang Y-F, Che J, Yuan Z-Y (2022) Amolops putaoensis Gan, Qin, Lwin, Li, Quan, Liu & Yu, 2020, a newly recorded torrent frog for China. Herpetozoa 35: 231-237.