Known localities and molecular phylogenetic relationships of Amolops putaoensis. A. The type locality (yellow star) at Putao County, Kachin State, Myanmar and the new locality (red star) at Dulongjiang Village, Gongshan County, Yunnan Province, China. Map generated by ArcGIS Pro; B. Phylogenetic tree based on Bayesian inference of a fragment of the mitochondrial COI gene. Branches support values of posterior probability (PP) and bootstrap supports (BS) were performed, where the strong supports found in represented Circles represent very strong nodal support of posterior probabilities (PP) of 1.0 and bootstrap support (BS) from a separate maximum likelihood analysis of 100, and squares represent strong nodal support of PP ≤ 0.95 and BS ≤ 70, with lower support values not shown.

  Part of: Zhang Y-P, Liu X-L, Stuart BL, Wu D-Y, Wang Y-F, Che J, Yuan Z-Y (2022) Amolops putaoensis Gan, Qin, Lwin, Li, Quan, Liu & Yu, 2020, a newly recorded torrent frog for China. Herpetozoa 35: 231-237.