Representative ovary (A–C) and testis (D–E) cross-sections of C. caretta, stained using Mallory’s trichrome stain. A) ID 62083: previtellogenic follicles in different developmental stages. B) ID 53439: follicles with strongly increased diameter at the end of previtellogenesis stage. C) ID 72818: degenerated follicles due to autolysis. D) ID 50816: seminiferous tubule showing active spermatogenesis, including spermatozoa. E) ID 100276: seminiferous tubule degenerating by autolysis and with large lumen. F) ID 123825: degenerated seminiferous tubules with abundant interstitial tissue. Df: degenerated follicles; Dt: degenerated seminiferous tubules: Lt: lumen of the seminiferous tubule; P: previtellogenic follicles; Spz: spermatozoa.

  Part of: Maria Guarino F, Di Nocera F, Pollaro F, Galiero G, Iaccarino D, Iovino D, Mezzasalma M, Petraccioli A, Odierna G, Maio N (2020) Skeletochronology, age at maturity and cause of mortality of loggerhead sea turtles Caretta caretta stranded along the beaches of Campania (south-western Italy, western Mediterranean Sea). Herpetozoa 33: 39-51.